Behind the Scenes

Screen Printed 

To complete each screen printed bag, the whole process takes around two weeks.

Everything starts by fixing the colours of the fabrics, then washing them and later ironing them to remove any creases. After this, the prepared fabrics are cut following detailed patterns specifically designed and build for each bag.

Once the fabric is carefully cut, this is subject to the screen-printing process using screen-frames exclusively made for each product. After the fabrics are screen-printed, they are left to dry for a day, and then ironed to fix the print into the fabric.

Once the printing process is finalised the sewing process begins to join all the separate pieces and to be finished by adding the labels and the tags. Finally, the bag is prepared for sale and shipping.


Our other products are also very special, these are made with very specific fabrics, carefully designed and detailed, to last for a long time.

Why Faux Fur?

Because we like to promote the use of synthetic fabrics to show that there are alternatives to AVOID animal cruelty.

Although there is a lot of controversy surrounding the environment as this FAUX-FUR fabric is made of plastic, we make long lasting heirloom products that can stay with you forever. 


Non screen printed