I have been involved with animals  my whole life one way or another, which has given me some time to observe them and what impresses me the most is their capacity for unconditional love.

Helping animals has always been a priority for me. I have been passionate about animals since I was little. I had my first pet when I was 6 years old, she was the most furry and colourfull cat you would ever meet, she was tiny in size but big at heart. 

My passion continued to grow when I first volunteered as an animal behaviour assistant at the Chapultepec Zoo of Mexico City, developing activities to help animals in captivity live without loosing their instincts. After this, I moved to the UK where I started working as volunteer-photographer for the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre Southampton provided me with great experience and made me realize that animal welfare organisations allow to create the perfect team and environment to help animals in the best and more efficient way and thus have a greater impact towards the enhancement of their lives, also joined the WAP (World Animal Protection) with a Monthly donation.


Later we moved to The Netherlands where I volunteer as animal carer at the Dierenambulance & hospital Den Haag and where everything with Black Bear begins; inspired by wilderness and animals, The Black Bear is born as a place that allows me to be creative and also to raise funds for animals in need with the help of WAP (World Animal Protection).

With Black Bear YOU can also help animals,  5% of every purchase is donated to WAP (World Animal Protection).

              "Made for you, help for them"

My experience in animal care started by rescuing and finding a new home to dogs, cats, badgers and many other animals from Mexico City streets for more than ten years.